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TelePastor Joins With Other Organizations
To Reach Churches

If you represent an organization that has a large number of churches as clients, we would like to speak with you.  In teaming up with TelePastor, we may be able to provide you with a variety of tools and solutions to enhance your company.  So, please contact us to explore how we might work together.

TelePastor, through its parent company MCN TeleServices, is proud to announce business affiliations and partnerships with some of the nation’s leading Christian organizations and other nationally prominent companies.  These include:

Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications is the leading pioneer in developing the highest functioning speech recognition software in the world.  In the healthcare field, they serve over 10,000 U.S. hospitals and over 150,000 medical providers use their Dragon Speech product. You may know them for some of their other voice recognition products; OnStar and SIRI. MCN TeleServices enjoys a partnership agreement with Nuance to serve our clients. Some of these companies include: 

American Association of Christian Counselors

American Association of Christian Counselors – With nearly 50,000 members, the AACC represents the largest and most respectable organization of its kind in the country. MCN TeleServices maintains an exclusive contract to provide its tele-counseling platform to all their behavioral therapists and TelePastor for their pastor members.

American Association of Christian Counselors

The Firefighters Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA)

The Firefighters Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA)

The Firefighters Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA) - The mission of FBHA is to collaborate, develop and implement behavioral health awareness, prevention, intervention, and post crisis strategies to provide firefighters with an easily accessible and confidential source of information. MCN TeleServices helps to provide qualified behavioral health therapists to assist this important group of our first responders. Hundreds of the therapists from our panel are currently being certified by FBHA to treat this unique community of brave men and women.

App and Website Developers

The advantages of having a church website have been clear for many years. Today, many churches are also adding apps to keep their members involved and informed. If you provide these kinds of services, reach out to our company today to find out how we can support you.

Church Consulting

Many churches hire national and regional consulting groups for building projects, evangelism, and other purposes. Let us show you how our resources can be combined to accomplish even more.

CRM Services

Churches with over 100 people can't function without some form of contact management system. We're proud to offer the perfect add-on to your management platform.

App Developer


Software for Tithing

Automatic tithe software is a revolutionary feature, allowing modern churches to collect the funds they need. Our company provides resources to help you increase tithing opportunities in your partner churches.

Church Bulletins and Printers

Some publishing companies specialize in printing church bulletins and other materials. At TelePastor, we generate even more ways for these types of companies to reach their parishioners.

Book Publishers

We provide resources for publishers specializing in printing religious books, devotionals, and other church materials. Our company will provide you with new ways to promote your products.