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The Other Uses for TelePastor

While the primary use of this service is for pastors to engage in remote pastoral counseling with their parishioners, there are many other ways to utilize our technology. Please take a few minutes to read about the many applications of our convenient conferencing platform below.

Jr. and High School Ministry

Troubled teens are in need of particular attention from youth pastors. In many cases, teens cannot drive and need a way to connect with their pastor remotely. Our tools enable them to do that. TelePastor also provides a parent or guardian permission e-sign document for your church files.

The Welcome Team

You'll be known as the friendliest church in town when you utilize our conferencing tools as part of your welcoming process. Your welcome team will be able to send visitors a secure video link to allow them to meet face to face and become familiar with your staff and church.


Personal discipleship is a major responsibility of pastors, especially when it comes to mentoring elders and deacons. Utilizing our tools, you can engage these individuals wherever they are.

Elders' Meetings

Elders are dedicated church servants, but they do have their own lives to attend to and may need to travel for work. Our platform allows them to join elders' meetings remotely.

Recruiting and Training

Volunteers are the heartbeat of many churches. Often, volunteers need to be trained for tasks that can be done off-site. Our platform is the ideal tool for showing, not telling, these individuals what to do. You can even train many volunteers at once in a group video conference.

The Prayer Team

There are two separate functions of prayer teams in most churches: to pray for parishioners and to keep people connected with the church. Our conference platform allows you to do both.

Children's Ministry

Leaders may use our platform to connect with parents to advise them on how their children are doing at church. Using conferencing, both pastors and church staff may offer encouragement to parents and suggestions for their child's home study.

Small Groups

Utilize our private videoconferencing to connect traveling members with their small groups. Our platform allows people to join in on their small group session no matter where they are.

Other Services

We want to hear your thoughts about how our platform can be used to reach more people for Christ. Please share your ideas with us.