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Video Counseling

Secure Video Conferencing for Today's Church

TelePastor is proud to offer a conferencing platform that delivers the privacy you and your parishioners deserve and expect. It increases the access of your church members to care; in many cases, congregants have busy schedules and aren't able to take time off work or hire a sitter. Our video connection shows the pastors concern face to face unlike a phone call.

"Recent studies in the Behavioral Health field have shown Tele-Therapy video counseling is more effective in treating a patient than an office visit in some situations."

Our TelePastor Platform

Our secure videoconferencing enables parishioners who are busy, traveling, or ill to connect with the counseling they need. Our conferencing solutions are secure; we use the same HIPAA compliant platform for our thousands of professional counselors as we do for our churches. One popular feature enables parishioners to link to the church's website to reach a ministry, volunteer, or contribute an offering. We also offer the following: 

• 24/7/365 Customer Support
• A Calendar for Scheduling
• Secure Messaging and Texting
• Document Sharing and Signing
• User Waiting Room Notifications
• A FAQ with 150 Items and Videos
• Group Conferencing for Up to 50 People
• Web-Based Services for Computers and Mobile Devices

The Disadvantages of Using an Unsecured System

Unsecured services may gather information about you and your contacts and may even sell this information. They may have no breach notification when someone else joins your call. Most of these services show when you or your contacts are online. Few of these services offer the technical support available 24/7/365 with our system. You wouldn't want your doctor to use an unsecured conferencing service, so it only makes sense to use a secure one for your church.